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07/20/01 VeriSign adds voice-activation service CNN.com As if controlling the most popular domain names on the Web were not enough, VeriSign has decided it wants to move into voice-activated telephone service as well.
11/11/02 ICB Goes Free : The Digest "ICB Toll Free News drops premium service and makes all news content on its website available free of charge. Judith Oppenheimer's ICB Toll Free News is the world's leading publication covering toll-free numbering issues."
10/14/02 Spelling Trouble: Telephony
"Judith Oppenheimer, president of ICB Consultancy, said that although it is "impossible" that Sprint didn't know it was carrying its competitor's misdials, if this was truly illegal or even a problem, carriers would go after each other for stealing business. The fact that they haven't is evidence to the contrary."
08/22/02 How to Make Yourself Reachable in 5 Places at Once: NY Times
"The hardest part of setting up a toll-free account is figuring out prices and the best way to reach the providers... Discount Long Distance Digest and WhoSells800.com have additional links as well as articles about the long-distance industry."
08/15/02 1-800 American Free Trade Association Formed to Represent Interests of Toll-free Number Services Industry: 1-800 AFTA
"Group calls upon FCC to create a competitive marketplace for toll-free number services"
07/25/02 WORLDCOM CUSTOMERS: WHAT TO DO?: clickit.com
"Are you currently a WorldCom customer, or the customer of a WorldCom reseller? Don't panic! Read here to examine all of your options first."
07/19/01 VeriSign Is Coming to Your Phone: The Industry Standard
"VeriSign is in the database commodity business," said Judith Oppenheimer, publisher of ICB Tollfree News, an online publication that covers telecommunications and the domain-name system. "It would like to run the numbering as well as the naming space, sans ITU [International Telecommunications Union] or ICANN oversight."
05/20/02 Calling Scooby-Doo and getting a sex line instead: The Augusta Chronicle
"The mixups are a common complaint for adult entertainment companies that run toll-free lines," said Judith Oppenheimer, founder of ICB, a New York City consultancy firm for the toll-free industry."
04/6/01 Beware slippery slopes AKA be careful what you wish for ... : Adventive's I-Strategy, letter to the editor
"I have said and written all along that the IP lobby used the straw man cybersquatter as the path to control the domain name system - the DNS - for he who controls the DNS, controls the Internet."
04/1/01 The ENUM Issue: Obscure But Important: ICANNWatch
An article at ICB TollFree argues that there is a hidden "gotcha" in these new contracts - an ICANN assertion of control over the utterly obscure but incredibly important telephony initiative called ENUM. Indeed, this may only be one symptom of a larger problem."
Keyes told ICBTollFreeNews.com, which first reported the story, "No severance. Immediate. I have not been asked to help in any transition and they seem to have no idea how this will impact the marketplace."
03/04/01 REALLY WRONG NUMBER: St. Petersburg Times
"When you think tissue, you think Kleenex. Soda, you think Coke," Oppenheimer says. "Toll-free, you think 800."
01/25/01 Dialing for Dollars: Office.com
Easy-to-remember, toll-free numbers such as Maroone's are a "cash register" for businesses, especially "vanity numbers" using a word associated with the company or its service, says Judith Oppenheimer, an industry analyst and president of ICB Toll-Free Consultancy in New York.
01/24/01 Computing and IT Expert Lynn Named CEO of ICANN: Washington Internet Daily
"My sense is that the board hired an academic to fill current CEO Michael Roberts' seat because he wouldn't make waves," Oppenheimer said.
01/11/01 Survey Shows ICB 800, Domain & ENUM Reporting Yields Avid Readership: PR Newswire
62% of respondents read ICB daily; 56% share ICB news and articles with business associates; and a whopping 78% of respondents say ICB highlights news and issues they don't find published anywhere else. 
01/05/01 ICB Recommended ...: InfoWorld.com "It's expanded far beyond 800 numbers and has become an important source of inside information for anyone whose business depends upon Internet domain names."
12/22/00 How to get an inside track to the Internet names your business needs, the ICANN way: InfoWorld.com Columnist Brian Livingston braved the insanity of ICANN's recent board meeting, and spoke with Judith Oppenheimer, "the editor of an astute high-tech newsletter," he says, to help clarify outcomes of the messy aftermath.
11/17/00 Vint Cerf Blocks Bid for .web: The Dot No one said it would be easy and it wasn't. We expected ICANN-centricity to present front and center and, in all its foolish glory, it did. But even we couldn't have predicted an audience stunned into silence by the absurdity, the mockery, and sometimes cartoonish embarrassment of the ICANN board's performance. ICB's Judith Oppenheimer reports from the ICANN Annual Meeting in Marina Del Rey.
11/15/00 ICANN Down to Discussing Dots: Wired.com Forget dot-xxx. The same goes for dot-kids. But dot-biz, dot-web and dot-union?
10/31/00 .Tel Wants to Set Telephone Number Policy: The Dot Buried among and receiving little notice within the 47 new TLD applications under public review is .tel, "A Top-Level Domain For The Emerging Internet-Telephony Industry"...
10/26/00 You're the dot tenant for chrissake: notes, quotes, provocations and other fair use it's like your property is confiscated by mob rule
10/15/00 Another golden roving_reporter award...: The roving reporter Brown of Nose, Craned of Neck, Dot WS Puckers Up to TM Booty.
10/10/00 ICANN Takes Top-Level Domain Proposals: Inter@ctive Week The Internet's oversight body has quietly changed its own rules to give European leaders a new top-level domain.
08/18/00 Survey Reveals Platforms Of Prospective ICANN Board Members: The URLY Indicator The At Large Members of ICANN are participating in a historic first -- a worldwide online election to choose Directors for the Internet's governing body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
08/14/00 New ICB Survey Reveals Platforms of Prospective ICANN Board Members: PR Newswire ICANN's membership-at-large nomination process closes Phase I
08/11/00 ICANN At-Large Election Diary -- Exit the Monolithic Blob: The URLY Indicator Thursday morning August 10th, ICB Toll Free News reported that ICANN was blasted by At-Large candidate Karl Auerbach for expropriating his copyrighted work, and compromising its legibility and efficacy.
08/11/00 ICANN Member Nominations -- Running Blind: Domain Notes There are two avenues by which an individual can appear on the ballot for this year's At Large elections.
08/11/00 The Battle For New Domain Names: on24 Financial i-network Hear ICB Publisher Judith Oppenheimer in a lively roundtable discussion on On24 Financial i-Network.
08/07/00 ICANN TLD Delay Reads Like a Skit From Seinfeld: Domain Notes After silently missing its scheduled August 1 date for opening the new TLD application process--and just one day after ICANN Chief Financial Officer Andrew McLaughlin told Newsbytes' David McGuire that the application forms would be posted today--ICANN has posted an announcement on its website announcing a delay of at least one month.
08/04/00 ICANN faulted for TLD delay!: Internet News Radio Internet NewsRadio Newscast...Interview with Judith Oppenheimer is the last article in newscast. Get RealPlayer
08/02/00 The answer to toll-free boom is birth of 4th and 5th number: NJ Star Ledger News  Eight million isn't what it used to be.
07/25/00 New Toll Free Numbers: Will Vanity Affect This Weekend's 866 Roll-Out?: PR Newswire  On the eve of new toll free code 866, a stay is sought pending resolution of vanity number issues.
07/20/00 New Toll-Free Numbers Soon Available: The Discount Long Distance Digest  On July 29 at 12 p.m., the floodgates to new toll free code 866 will open. If recent history is any indication, "replications" of existing vanity numbers and competition for others, will leave the database premium-number exhausted within half an hour or so of code opening.
07/07/00 Behind Enemy(tm) Lines: The URLY Report A recent URLY Report article, "QUESTIONS OF JURISDICTION IN DOMAIN DISPUTES", discussed the global level negotiations currently taking place on that very subject.
07/03/00 ICANN Settle Lawsuit: ISP News On July 3, 2000, ICANN's legal counsel contacted Afternic's lawyers to settle Aftnernic's lawsuit. The agreement specifically allows co-branded registrars. ICANN's web site lies, in detail, about the agreement.
06/27/00 WIPO is CyberHQ; Daybreak dawns on IPC McCarthyism: Domain Notes

We now face a coup, 21st century-style imperialism: quite literally, a corporate sponsored government takeover. It turns the cyberspace territory as we've known it, into CyberHQ - cyber corporate headquarters.

06/26/00 Users to Lose Web Addresses Over Unpaid Fees: The Washington Post "It's an inherently unfair thing to do," said Judith Oppenheimer, president of ICBtollfree.com and member of an Icann oversight group.
06/26/00 NSI: Sind unbezahlte Domains Freiwild? (in German): internetworld.de Die weltgrößte Domainvergabestelle, Network Solution, will frei werdende Domains versteigern / Vorhaben unter scharfer Kritik von Kunden und Wettberwerbern / ICANN prüft.
06/24/00 Network Solutions to sell delinquent names: The Washington Post Internet address king Network Solutions Inc. this week notified thousands of owners of online domain names with delinquent registration bills that it would "auction" their Internet addresses to the public unless they pay by Wednesday.
06/23/00 In Order To Form A More Privileged Oligarchy: The URLY Report "We now face a coup, 21st century-style imperialism: quite literally, a corporate sponsored government takeover. It turns the cyberspace territory as we've known it, into CyberHQ - cyber corporate headquarters. Attacking on two fronts, the global trademark lobby is bulldozing its supremacy agenda through ICANN, an eager participant, and the U.S. Congress, itself no stranger to "bending over" for corporate cause ..."
06/21/00 Domain Names: Exclusive Dominion, Or Level Playing Field?: News Web

Dana Blankenhorn writes in a recent article entitled 'End Domain Name Hoarding,' "Hoarding and speculation have captured the imagination of otherwise-sane individuals in politics, in sport, even in the church." With all due respect to Mr. Blankenhorn, cybersquatting is the registration of domain names known to be trademarks, for the express purpose of selling them to the trademark owner or its competitor...

06/20/00 Beyond the UDRP -- Global Intellectual Property Law Enforcement and Jurisdiction: Domain Notes We read weekly of new battles won and lost between domain name holders and trademark (intellectual property) owners, played out on the ICANN UDRP stage.
06/16/00 Questions Of Jurisdiction In Domain Disputes: The URLY Report Questions have been posed on Afternic's policy forums as to jurisdiction in cross-border domain disputes. Good questions: with no simple or consistent answer.
06/09/00 How Can Any Organization That Sells The Last Word Be Fair And Unbiased?: The URLY Report According to an article on the National Arbitration Forum website (http://www.arbforum.com), a Federal Court conducted an extensive review of domain dispute arbitrator NAF and confirmed that it is "a reasonable, fair and impartial forum."
05/26/00 Run Up The Flag And Salute: The URLY Report The question arose this week in Afternic.com's burgeoning policy forum, as to what role the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) plays in the ICANN debacle beyond its role as one of the UDRP Arbitrators.
05/17/00 The Bad Witch ICANN: Tita-nic.com 

Once upon a time, a domain name was a secure piece of virtual real estate that you could confidently build a business on.

05/17/00 What will NSI do next ... ?: Domain Notes

Network Solutions recently entered the aftermarket business, and will list your domain names for sale, folding your listings into its whois search engine (a brilliance dwarfed only by companies already doing it.)

05/15/00 NSI Enters 800 Domain-Name Market: The Discount Long Distance Digest NSI's sudden entry into the 1-800 market serves as validation of the 1-800 vanity 
industry and its brand relationship with domain names.
05/15/00 ICBTollFree.com's Expert Management Available for Perspective On Breaking NSI Story: PR Newswire Network Solutions (NSI), the world's leading provider of Internet registration services announced last week that it has entered the 1-800 domain name market.
05/09/00 ICB Toll Free Runs Premium Special: The Discount Long Distance Digest
Because today more than ever, information is power, ICB ''is offering a sharply discounted special on ICB Premium to help expand the information power base, particularly to more small businesses and entrepreneurs.''
05/09/00 ICB 800 & Dot-Com Insider News: PR Newswire "Great behind the scenes information," advises Jeffrey Tinsley, CEO of GreatDomains.com.
04/28/00 Sunrise+20: The Numbers Tell the Story: Domain Name Handbook This is a response to the Formal Report of Working Group B, which was written by the Chair and submitted to the Names Council on April 17, 2000.
04/19/00 The Advantages of Toll-Free Numbers: Office.com No matter where an ad is placed — TV, radio, magazine or billboard — a toll-free number is sure to boost response rates.
04/14/00 New TLD's at Any Price: Domain Notes

It's common knowledge, at this point, that the Trademark Lobby will not approve introduction of new top level domains, unless its demands for trademark and service mark right of first refusal are met.

04/05/00 ICB Toll Free & Telecom Digest Forge Alliance: PR Newswire 'The Addition of ICB's daily HeadsUp Headlines, with its Unique Spotlight on Toll Free 800 and Domain Name Issues, Puts Critical Content on the Front Burner for Digest Readers'
04/04/00 Telecom Digest Joins ICB: The Discount Long Distance Digest Patrick Townson, digest editor, notes, ''ICB's Judith Oppenheimer is a frequent and valued contributor to 'TELECOM Digest.' The addition of ICB's daily 'HeadsUp Headlines,' with its unique spotlight on toll-free 800 and domain name issues, puts critical content on the front burner for digest readers. Its a win-win relationship, and we're very pleased to have ICB on board.''
03/23/00 SNAC Delays Toll Free Codes: The Discount Long Distance Digest At issue is FCC-mandated ''first come first serve.'' Measured in nanoseconds, the ramifications can be significant, particularly regarding prized vanity numbers..
03/20/00 The Value of "I Want": Domain Notes It's no secret the domain name real estate market is hot, catching up to and quickly surpassing the 800 vanity number market due to its legal status.
02/16/00 Daily 800 / Dot Com News Service Tracks Important Stories: PR Newswire Online 800/Domain Name News Service Adds 'Recent Noteworthy' Headlines Watch To Its popular FREE HeadsUp Headlines and Indepth Premium Service Daily News
02/10/00 Recommend-It Recommends WhoSells800.com: DMNews.com Recommend-It, a Web-site referral service, said yesterday it has recognized WhoSells800.com as one of its Top 10 Sites for Direct Marketers, in its new RecCenter, a directory of the top Web sites in its network.
02/09/00 Toll Free Service Provider Directory Recognized as a Top 10 Site for Direct Marketers by Recommend-It.com: World Telemedia 2000 New York, NY February 9, 2000 With over 43,000 registered sites on its roster, Recommend-It (http://recommend-it.com) has recognized WhoSells800.com (http://whosells800.com) as one of its Top 10 Sites for Direct Marketers in its new RecCenter, a directory of the top websites in its network.
02/09/00 WhoSells800.com: Toll Free Service Provider Directory Recognized As a Top 10 Site for Direct Marketers by Recommend-It.com: PR Newswire With over 43,000 registered sites on its
roster, Recommend-It (http://recommend-it.com/) has recognized WhoSells800.com
(http://whosells800.com/) as one of its Top 10 Sites for Direct Marketers in its new RecCenter, a directory of the top websites in its network.
02/07/00 Free Daily Email Delivers Hot Dot Com News Headlines: PR Newswire Online 800/Domain Name News Service Announces FREE HeadsUp Headlines,
Expanded Domain Name News Coverage, and Site Upgrade.
02/07/00 ICB Offers Free Email And News: The Discount Long Distance Digest
HeadsUp Headlines is a free email service that includes news summaries plus modified text and site access. At eight to 10 headlines daily, a quick glance flags important 800 and dot-com developments for busy execs.
01/20/00 Comments of the Office of Advocacy U.S. Small Business Administration On the WG-C Interim Report: SBA Office of Advocacy The Office of Advocacy of the United States Small Business Administration ("Advocacy") submits these comments to Working Group C’s Interim Report ("Interim Report"). WG-C was tasked by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN") to develop a document showing the consensus on the introduction of new global top-level domains ("gTLDs").
10/28/99 1 800 Compute: Target Marketing A former reader of Who's Mailing What, I've admired and respected the work of Denny Hatch for many years, but to my great surprise, he misses the boat on the subject of 800 vanity numbers and 800 versus 888, as well as domain names as trademarks, in the above reference article.
10/27/99 Domain Names -- Divine Right, Or First Come First Serve?: News Web In savvy political fashion, the strategy here is one of semantics: trademark interests claim dire need for “trademark protection," when what they really want is "trademark supremacy," the divine right to any domain name, trademark-related or not.
10/24/99 Domain Names -- Has The Little Guy Already Lost?: TBTF Log Tasty Bit from the Technology Front
10/21/99 A New World Order: News Web CyberHQ: THE NEW IMPERIALISM describes a new world order in which an organization's identity can belong to someone other than the organization itself.
10/04/99 Don'tTakeMyDomainName.com: News Web "You agree that we may, in our sole discretion, delete or transfer your domain name at any time."
10/01/99 800 NUMBERS ARE ALIVE AND WELL: Target Marketing Re: "Instant Branding" [Famous Last Words]
09/26/99 Phone Devices Put Chill on Cold Calls Screening: Omaha World Herald ID Altering Telemarketing
09/01/99 Call-screening puts telemarketers on hold: Associated Press Caller ID: USWest does cold calls to sell its services
07/20/99 Who Sells 800? Ask The Expert: PR Newswire A new service offers advice about toll-
free numbers and service, 800, 888 and 877 number marketing; and toll free
carrier and vendor choices.
07/18/99 The 800 number...the original interactive medium: Ovation Marketing E-news Yet another viewpoint that reflects our own, that an integrated approach using a combination of the right vehicles is essential to widespread success.
07/16/99 The Web's Denitive Area Code Resource: Areacode-info.com I often wonder if number pooling is going to be the magic pill everyone envisions.
07/05/99 The 800 Number -- the Original Interactive Brand: eMarketer Last week, in The Worth of a Brand, we considered how the web affects brand value.
07/01/99 The 800 number...the original interactive medium: eMarketer Last week, in The Worth of a Brand, eMarketer considered how the web affects brand value.
05/01/99 Going, Going...Gone: Direct Magazine ABOUT 140,000 toll-free numbers in the 888 code that were reserved from use two years ago were made available on April 5. And they went like-well, like toll-free numbers.
04/04/99 FCC to Release Unclaimed 888 Vanity Numbers: PR Newswire With customer demand for toll free vanity numbers soaring, the Federal Communications Commission has ordered the release of approximately 190,000 vanity 888 numbers, beginning April 5 at noon EST.
03/12/99 ICB Launches Directory of Toll-Free Providers: DIRECTnewsline New York telemarketing consultancy ICB Inc. has launched an Internet-based directory of toll-free service providers. Branded WhoSells800.com (http://whosells800.com/), the site lists long-distance carriers, aggregators and resellers, agents, enhanced service providers and shared-use companies.
03/05/99 How To "1-800-FLOWERS" On A Budget: News Web How to extend the life of your advertising, increase calls by 25% or more, and improve the quality of your leads to people who are ready to buy - on a small business budget.
01/20/99 800 Vanity Numbers Trounce Numeric Toll-Free's: News Web Vanity phone numbers dramatically increase advertising response rates, according to a new study. The results of this study are overwhelming evidence that vanity numbers are truly indispensable.
10/01/98 Vanity 800s in peril: Catalog Age If you think your vanity 800-number is protected under trademark laws, think again.
09/16/98 A Rose By Any Other Name ...: News Web In a regulatory environment where the FCC has ruled that user-interest-in-vanity number-issues should be addressed by the courts under the trademark protection laws, and furthermore, where the Commission's own regulations prohibit the free market from resolving these concerns, 1 800 FLOWERS goes to court.
09/08/98 800 Numbers, Vanities, Dominate TV Commercials: News Web Twenty-four percent of television commercials contain a toll-free number; of those, 91% using the 800 prefix and 57% of which are vanity (numbers that translate into words for easy recall).
07/20/98 Who Is Going To Educate The FCC?: News Web Protecting the value of and investment in a vanity number is, to be sure, a valid consideration for individual holders of those numbers. But the far more serious problem with the Commission's toll free policy is that it threatens at best to substantially dilute and at worst to utterly destroy the entire concept of toll free branding.
07/02/98 Bell Atlantic Corp. to Police Crammers Starting This Weekend: Daily Record Business Writer Putting on its most customer-friendly face, Bell Atlantic Corp. will take a stand against the billing of unauthorized service charges when it simplifies the process of removing them starting on Saturday.
04/02/98 Businesses fear new toll-free area code will confuse customers: Sun-Sentinel Would you have to pay for that call, or is it toll-free?
03/31/98 FCC on 800: Carriers 1, Users 0: News Web In one fell swoop, the Federal Communications Commission has dismissed five Congressional leaders, the Small Business Administration, and legions of commercial users of toll free service.
03/24/98 Level The Playing Field: News Web Congressional leaders tell the FCC, "Vanity numbers are extraordinarily valuable marketing tools for large and small businesses alike...", "Large carriers are RespOrgs, SNAC members, and subscribers... There exists a fundamental conflict of interest in the roles [they] have in the toll free industry."
03/13/98 1 800 Go Gerow: News Web Attorney Charlie Gerow is a GOP candidate for Congress who is a strong believer in the free market power of vanity toll free numbers. In 1996, Gerow’s campaign bought 1-800-GO-GEROW, and has used the number successfully in both races.
02/19/98 1 800 IPO: News Web "Many 800 number companies offer competitively priced products and services and are currently locked out of badly needed public capital because of the FCC's stance," says Richard Sapio, CEO of 1 800 MUTUALS, Inc.
01/05/98 SBA To FCC: Stay, Recind, & Reconsider: News Web The Small Business Administration characterizes the FCC’s Toll Free Second Report and Order as “failing to recognize marketplace realities”, “arbitrary” and "capricious".
11/14/97 The Golden Kielbasa: Advertising Media Internet Center Not everyone's a FLOWERS or DENTIST etc. A few tips for smaller businesses.
11/04/97 1 800 Fifty Thousand Bucks: News Web In August, 1997, the Federal Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit upheld a district court judgement regarding the toll-free number 1-800-FOR LEASE. This case involved a finding by the jury that the number wrongfully denied the plaintiff was, in and of itself, worth $50K to the plaintiff.
10/15/97 1 800 Small Biz: News Web Here are a few unique tips toward minimizing cost, and maximizing utility and revenue, from your toll-free service.
10/13/97 The Emperor Has No Clothes: News Web For many companies the use of vanity numbers goes far beyond advertising or even marketing - the toll free number itself becomes a brand or product name (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS, 1-800-COLLECT, etc.) This is good for business and economic growth. As such, the private commercial transfer of numbers from one user to another serves legitimate business purposes and is an integral part of the toll free marketing industry.
10/06/97 1 800 Aussie: News Web Judith Oppenheimer, a well known expert who tracks the national and international technical developments of the emerging telecom marketplace, had a wealth of strategic intelligence that needed packaging.
10/01/97 Toll Free Consultant Stages A Guerrilla Launch: Marketing With Technology News Judith Oppenheimer, a well known expert who tracks the national and international technical developments of the emerging telecom marketplace, had a wealth of strategic intelligence that needed packaging.
10/01/97 Hoarding? Warehousing? Brokering?: Direct Telecom companies oppose new FCC rules about obtaining toll-free numbers.
09/24/97 It's Time To Make A Change: News Web FCC “resource management” is running 800 Service into the ground.
09/11/97 1 800 Deutsche: News Web Toll free vanity numbers are being introduced in Germany as of January 1, 1998.
09/11/97 Referral Line Coming: The Bergen County Record Bill Quimby's goal is to make the yellow pages as obsolete as rotary telephones.
09/08/97 1 800 Sundays - How Does MCI Do It?: News Web MCI shares its powerhouse 800 marketing strategy.
09/05/97 Toll Free Number Rationing - Again: News Web It took 30 years to deplete 800 numbers It's only taken 18 months to deplete 888.
08/10/97 European Toll Free/Toll Shared Market May Reach $5 Billion By 2002: News Web The European toll-free and toll-shared services market earned more than $1 billion in 1996, and has the potential to reach $5 billion annually by the year 2002...
08/01/97 Only 30% of U.S. consumers dial 888 numbers: Smart Computing/PC Today Did you know that only 30% of U.S. consumers have ever dialed an 888 number?
07/24/97 Ding Dong, The Auction's Dead: News Web The toll free auction is dead, but only in the feline sense, i.e., it may have a few more lives left. Don't be surprised to see it resurface in another form in the future--perhaps even later this year. I wouldn't bet on it, but neither would I bet against it
07/08/97 1 888 Flowers? Inquiring Minds Want To Know...: News Web Should 1 888 FLOWERS be assigned to 1 800 FLOWERS? Regulators want to know if you think right of first refusal - where the holder of a toll-free number would have first dibs on matching numbers in new toll-free exchanges - is a good idea or not, and why.
07/01/97 U.S. Companies Ask Canadian Partners Join 888 Auction Fight: News Web The possibility of a toll-free number auction was a particularly hot topic at Supercomm ‘97 because it has the potential to wreak havoc in the business world. Supercomm panelist David Berndt of Ford Motor described his company's situation for ICB Toll Free News.
06/03/97 The Most Neglected $12 Billion Asset in Corporate America Today: News Web Corporate political alliance with telecom carriers, relied upon for preferential treatment, backfired. Miserably.
06/01/97 Coinless Calls To Cost Toll-Free Industry & Customers Billions: News Web While most industry studies estimate the cost of a coinless call, typically a calling card or toll-free call, at about 6 cents per call, the FCC’s payphone compensation plan reimburses payphone operators at 35-cents for each completed call.
05/21/97 Congress Turns Deaf Ear on Nation's Largest Advertisers: News Web 888 Auction Remains on Congressional Agenda.
05/03/97 Toll Free Cellular: News Web Borne of regulatory loophole -- and welcomed by cellular carriers -- TollFree Cellular and its telco partners will perhaps escape the greedy clutches of the FCC control patrol, currently wreaking havoc in the wireline toll-free marketplace. (For more information see ICB Toll Free News Cover Story.)
05/02/97 Get The Facts - Avoid The Pitfalls: M2 Communications Ltd. Did you know you could be jailed for having multiple 800 numbers?
05/01/97 Calling for Free: Telecommunications Online Hampered by implementation delays, toll-free calling is yet to fulfill its international potential.>
04/15/97 FCC Negates Toll Free Industry in the Guise of the "Public Interest": News Web This FCC Ruling - 80 pages of dismissive arrogance - reads over-regulation, anti-competition, and government imposition. Can Congressional auction of toll-free numbers be far behind?
04/04/97 Replication. "To Be Or Not To Be" is not the question: News Web If you want to protect your 800 numbers in the new toll-free exchanges, you're on your own.
04/01/97 FCC Order in the Matter of Toll Free Service Access Codes: Teleplaza Petitions to Modify 888 Number Allocation
03/17/97 Global Toll-Free Service Arrives: Communications Week Although E.T. had trouble phoning home, it doesn't mean your users should when they journey abroad.
03/12/97 888 Auction - It’s Back!: News Web The auction of toll-free vanity numbers, first proposed by Congress last year, is back, slipped obscurely into the 1998 Budget Proposal.
03/01/97 Marketers Locked Out Of Global 800 Number Loop: News Web While carriers squabble over Global 800 vanity numbers like 800-INTERNET, non-carrier marketers are suddenly denied equal access to the Global 800 Database.
02/19/97 Is Your Global 800 Number Still Available?: News Web One innovative telecom company, along with the International Telecommunications Union, is now providing unprecedented information access to the public.
02/08/97 Out of Sight, Out of Mind: News Web In 1995, 800 user lobbying efforts resulted in ground-breaking FCC recognition of 800 brand and trademark considerations. It's 1997. Do users care less? Do consumers deserve less?
02/01/97 1 800 HOLIDAY Loses Trademark Battle: News Web Supreme Court rules in favor of misdial marketer.
01/97 TollFree's Unsolved Mysteries : Telemedia News & Views AT&T and ICB appear to be on the same side of this issue. John Cushman, Director of Toll-Free Services for AT&T supports ICB's view that specific toll-free numbers have an intrinsic value. As Cushman says, "I believe that the arguments ICB makes, relative to toll-free number value, are supported by the history of the toll-free industry, current RespOrg to RespOrg practices, and our customers' positions on vanity number protection.
03/05/96 FCC Extends 800 Protection - Only 10 Days Left: The Discount Long Distance Digest Alluding to the problems that 800 subscribers have had registering for 800 protection via their carriers, the FCC offered an unprecedented opportunity for subscribers to bypass the Resp Orgs and communicate directly with Database Services Management, Inc. (DSMI), which manages the 800 SMS Database.
03/01/96 888 Numbers Debut: Where Are the Customers?: Opus Research Lighting up the "888" toll-free service area code went off largely without a hitch.
02/04/96 Troubleshooting 800 Protection: The Discount Long Distance Digest News For those of you who've been able to get your RespOrgs to submit your 800 number(s) for protection (set-aside) in 888 pending the FCC rulemaking on replication, the next hurdle is February 8.
02/01/96 1-800-Vanish: Direct Magazine New regulations may mean the loss of trademark numbers.
01/13/96 800 Replication - It's Now Or Never: The Discount Long Distance Digest News Luckily for savvy businesses, while carriers are not publicizing this information, there is one consulting firm that's making sure its clients are protected.
11/13/95 War of Words Over Toll-Free Number Ownership, Direct Magazine: Direct Magazine Will vanity toll-free number holders like 1-800 Flowers get to keep their special digits when an 888 numbers are issued next year?
09/01/95 800 Numbers: The Discount Long Distance Digest News The alleged exhaustion of available 800 telephone numbers and proposed new rules on how the system is to be administrated has spawned a newsletter to keep users of 800, 900 and 555 numbers up-to-date.

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