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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DOMAIN POLICY ALERT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


by Judith Oppenheimer

The At Large Members of ICANN are participating in a historic first -- a worldwide online election to choose Directors for the Internet's governing body, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Closing a fifteen-day window to apply for nomination on August 14, At Large Member candidates have just fifteen days more -- August 15 to August 31 -- to garner enough endorsements for a spot on ICANN's October ballot.

Endorsement requires support from 2% of the At Large Members in her/his geographic region, or 20 members, whichever is greater; and support from residents of at least two countries. The final ballot for At-Large Director will include the candidates nominated by ICANN'S Nominating Committee, and any candidates who have met the conditions for member-nomination.

In an effort to help voters meet the candidates, ICB Toll Free News queried each by email as to their opinions and positions on such issues as domain name dispute arbitration and new top level domains (TLD's), and published the survey results at [free] registration required.)

The survey presents an overview of the candidates' positions on major issues, in their own words, unedited. This overview clearly shows which candidates favor global governance; which favor individual country's rights under their own laws; and which of them have definite bias in favor of intellectual property interests, etc.

There is currently an overabundance of representation for major commercial and intellectual property interests on ICANN's Board of Directors. These candidates are running for seats to represent the at-large community's interests.

`The responses to the survey give the reader an opportunity to find out how the candidates stand on real ICANN policy issue,`` says James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology. ``Regardless of your views, it is useful information.``

The ICB survey results are published, verbatim, in a comparative chart offering voters the opportunity to endorse those nominees whose positions reflect their own.

"I certainly would not suggest forming a final opinion based on any survey," says Leah Gellegos, Founder of "However, coupled with the ICANN submissions and individual campaign websites, the survey affords an at-a-glance review of the candidates' positions on vital issues to the at-large community, as opposed to the special interests.  As a tool, it is quite helpful for purposes of comparison, both within a specific region and across regions. I hope that all the candidates reply."

Judith Oppenheimer is a noted toll free number and domain name expert; president of, and publisher of

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