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New York, NY, Feb. 04, 1996, (DLD DIGEST) -- For those of you who've been able to get your RespOrgs to submit your 800 number(s) for protection (set-aside) in 888 pending the FCC rulemaking on replication, the next hurdle is February 8.

On February 7th, Database Services Management Inc. will overnight "acceptance/rejection" reports to all the RespOrgs. A legitimate rejection is AT&T putting in for set-aside on an MCI number; any RespOrg putting in for set-aside on a non-working (transitional) number; or a subscriber putting in for set-aside on a number that is not assigned to their account. That sort of thing.

However, an ERROR rejection is one created by a mismatch in the files, due to keyboarding error, typographical error, etc. RespOrgs will have only 2 days to race any error rejections back to DSMI for submission, before February 10th, the date that 888 advance reservations are slated to commence for new 888's.

This office has already received written confirmation from some RespOrgs, on behalf of our clients who's submissions were handled earlier, of accepts/rejects/resubmits. We are now asking RespOrgs to provide written confirmation of acceptance (or the need to resubmit, etc.) upon receipt of the latest report from DSMI, on February 8th.

Some carriers have been more cooperative regarding written comfirmations than others. If you have the clout/contacts/sheer determination etc. - persevere. We suggest that the best protection for your 800 numbers resides in you ensuring that this an accountable process. Good luck!

Judith Oppenheimer, president
ICB Inc.
fax: 212 684-2714

Source: ICB Inc.

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