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New York, NY, April 4, 2000 (DLD Digest) - ICB Toll Free, premier source of toll-free 800 and dot-com industry intelligence, analysis and news, has announced an alliance with ''TELECOM Digest,'' the oldest continuing e-journal about telecommunications on the Internet.

ICB partially replaces the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) as primary Digest underwriter, and will distribute its daily ''HeadsUp Headlines'' to the digest's 2,500+ email subscribers and 8,000+ daily Web site visitors, as well as Usenet comp.dcom.telecom.

''We are honored to be a key sponsor of 'TELECOM Digest,' the granddaddy of telecom journals on the Internet,'' says Judith Oppenheimer, president and publisher of ICB. ''Throughout its almost 20-year history on the net it has maintained the highest standards of editorial integrity, thanks to Editor Pat Townson, who moderates with wisdom, discretion and good humor. 'TELECOM Digest' remains to this day a key news and analysis resource for industry leaders and watchers alike, worldwide.''

Patrick Townson, digest editor, notes, ''ICB's Judith Oppenheimer is a frequent and valued contributor to 'TELECOM Digest.' The addition of ICB's daily 'HeadsUp Headlines,' with its unique spotlight on toll-free 800 and domain name issues, puts critical content on the front burner for digest readers. Its a win-win relationship, and we're very pleased to have ICB on board.''

About ICB

''ICB Toll Free News'' (icbtollfree.com), premier source of 800 and dot-com industry news, is owned by ICB Inc., a consulting practice (1800TheExpert.com) founded in 1993 and publisher of the ''WhoSells800.com Toll Free Service Provider Directory'' (whosells800.com). ICB is an industry leader in toll free and domain name intelligence, advising business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993.

About ''TELECOM Digest''

''TELECOM Digest'' is an electronic journal devoted mostly but not exclusively to telecommunications topics. It is circulated anywhere there is email, in addition to various telecom forums on a variety of networks such as Compuserve and America Online, and other forums. It is also gatewayed to Usenet, where it appears as the moderated newsgroup comp.dcom.telecom. The digest is the oldest continuing e-journal about telecommunications on the Internet, having been founded in August 1981 and published continuously since then, and is possibly the second-oldest e-zine on the Internet in any category. Archives are available for review and research at telecom-digest.org.

Source: TELECOM Digest

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