Survey Shows ICB 800, Domain & ENUM Reporting Yields Avid Readership

NEW YORK, Jan. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- ICB Toll Free News

(, premier source of internet, domain name, ENUM and toll free 800 industry news and intelligence, today announced results of its December 2000 customer satisfaction survey:  a loyal readership, high pass-along rate, and confirmation of the exclusivity of ICB's news and information.

62% of respondents read ICB daily; 56% share ICB news and articles with business associates; and a whopping 78% of respondents say ICB highlights news and issues they don't find published anywhere else.

ICB covers 800, .com and ENUM politics, regulation and law, marketing, and industry trends, delivering behind-the-scenes competitive intelligence and commentary to a business readership of corporate and industry giants, as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs, since 1995.

"Resource and regulatory developments are morphing communications and the net at cyberspeed," says Judith Oppenheimer, publisher of ICB.  "These survey results are welcome confirmation that ICB's behind-the-scenes focus at industry standards forums is paying off for our readers."     A quick glance at ICB's Testimonials Page ( ) mirrors this, with notes of appreciation from key execs of internet companies Network Solutions, GreatDomains, and Afternic; traditional telecoms GTE, Cable & Wireless and BellSouth; and convergence newcomers Tellme Networks and 1-800-TAXI-CAB, among others.

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ICB Toll Free News ( ) reports on 800, domain, and ENUM politics, regulation, marketing, and industry trends, directly from the standards trenches at ATIS, IETF, NANC and ICANN.  ICB Toll Free News is owned by ICB Inc., the industry's leader in toll free and dot com intelligence ( ), advising business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993.

Judith Oppenheimer, Publisher
212-684-7210, 1-800-THE-EXPERT