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Washington, DC, March 23, 2000 (DLD Digest) - The SMS/800 Number Administration Committee (SNAC) decided last week to delay the introduction of new toll-free codes 866 and 855, currently scheduled for April 1 and April 8 rollout, having discovered that some number reservations complete out of order in the SMS/800 Database system. At issue is FCC-mandated ''first come first serve.'' Measured in nanoseconds, the ramifications can be significant, particularly regarding prized vanity numbers.

In an usual twist, the ''disadvantaged'' RespOrgs demanding a system revamp before any new code openings are high-volume ''MGI'' (Mechanized Generic Interface) users that can submit mass and multiple requests with no wait time and program requests ahead of time. Online and GUI (Graphical User Interface) users are limited to fewer request options, along with wait time and manual data entry.

SNAC wrote the Federal Communications Commission on Feb. 4, 2000, asking for 866 and 855 to open due to predictions of potential number exhaust. It has advised the Commission of its decision to delay to the code opening, reporting that it does not project toll-free number exhaust until September 2001. SNAC will inform the FCC of its new recommended dates on or before June 12, 2000, for the 866/855 code openings.

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