The question arose this week in's burgeoning policy forum, as to what role the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) plays in the ICANN debacle beyond its role as one of the UDRP Arbitrators.

Its arbitration activity with its slew of anti-user rulings is the least of the domain name holders' concerns.

Instead, look at the WIPO Final Report of April, '99, which is the basis (and justification used) for the hijack-friendly expansion of trademark rights reflected in the UDRP, "anti-cybersquatting" legislation, and the more recent Sunrise + 20 proposal.

Read the Report here:

Objective expert comments detailing the flaws of the report can be found here:

Carl Oppedahl

John Gilmore

Michael Froomkin
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The report is Ten Commandments and Constitution of the (super- lobby) Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), AND accepted gospel in the hallowed halls of ICANN.

Remember, he who controls the DNS owns the Net, a fact and strategy not lost on the ICANN-controlling World Intellectual Property Organization. Its stranglehold on the DNS needs to be shot down. As I've often said, if you're going to passively submit to ICANN domination, you might as well run a flag up the WIPO and salute.

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