> roving_reporter t byfield


Thu Oct 5 14:43:44 EDT 2000

Another golden roving_reporter award...

...goes to Judith Oppenheimer, publisher of ICBTollFree News for her headline "BROWN OF NOSE, CRANED OF NECK, DOT WS PUCKERS UP TO TM BOOTY." The story? WorldSite, the commercially oriented maintainer of the .ws ccTLD for Western Samoa, tried to drum up business by "declaring war on 'cybersquatters'" -- reserving "all .ws domain names of Forune 500 public companies, Fortune 500 private companies, the top 200 Internet companies, as well as all professional sports teams for 90 days!" The roving_reporter boldly predicts that WorldSite will declare a truce with cybersquatters in, say, 91 days.


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