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ICB Toll Free Drops Price for 800 & Dot-Com Insider News

    NEW YORK, May 9 /PRNewswire/ -- ICB Toll Free News, premier source of toll
free 800 and domain name industry intelligence, today announced a "5 MINUTE
SPECIAL" for ICB's acclaimed Premium Service.
    ICB covers 800 and .com politics, regulation and law, marketing, and
industry trends, delivering competitive intelligence to a business readership
of corporate and industry giants, as well as small business owners and
entrepreneurs, since 1995.
    "Resource and regulatory developments are morphing communications and the
net at cyberspeed," says Judith Oppenheimer, publisher of ICB, "and policy is
being driven by a very narrow agenda."
    Because today more than ever information is power, ICB "is offering a
sharply discounted special on ICB Premium to help expand the information power
base, particularly to more small businesses and entrepreneurs."
    A working member of telecom and internet industry committees at both ATIS
and ICANN, ICB delivers unsanitized, real-time information.
    "Great behind the scenes information," advises Jeffrey Tinsley, CEO of
    "ICB keeps us up on the changing marketplace," says Emil G. Michael,
Director of Business Development, Tellme Networks, Inc., "providing
intelligence we consider a critical driver of our business.
    "ICB is our eyes and ears," agrees Richard Sapio, CEO of MUTUALS.COM.
    "ICB is a superb real-time source for staying on top of the growing
cross-linkages between toll-free service and the Internet," said Jim
Hawkins, Senior Executive, BellSouth Public Communication.
    "With convergence occurring so rapidly, ICB helps me to run on 'Internet
Time'," adds Custis F. Dunn, Executive Director, Telecom Institute.

    Registration is FREE at and includes:
    --  receipt of ICB daily email news headlines
    --  site access to ICB's Reference Library and News Briefs
    --  & Ask the Expert, direct line to 800/.com pundit Judith Oppenheimer

    Upgrade to ICB Premium by May 12th:  see 5 MINUTE SPECIAL at, and get unlimited article and document
access to ICB's acclaimed Premium Services:

    --  Regulatory Reading Room: regulations, policies; analysis
    --  Law Library:  law suits and challenges, decisions and analysis
    --  Industry Insights:  editor's choice news and commentary
    --  Behind the Scenes:  information you can bank, and take action on
    --  Complete Site Archive: thousands of articles and documents

    Register here:, and
sign up for the 5 MINUTE SPECIAL Upgrade here:

    ICB Toll Free News (, recognized premier
source of 800 and dot com industry news, is owned by ICB Inc., a consulting
practice ( founded in 1993.  ICB Consulting is
the industry leader in toll free and domain name intelligence, advising
business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993.
ICB Toll Free News has been published since 1995; is updated daily, and houses
an invaluable archive of toll free and domain name news and information.

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