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New York, NY February 9, 2000 With over 43,000 registered sites on its roster, Recommend-It ( has recognized ( as one of its Top 10 Sites for Direct Marketers in its new RecCenter, a directory of the top websites in its network.

"Recommend-It launched the RecCenter to highlight the most active sites in the Recommend-It network," said Geoffrey G. Gussis, President & General Counsel, Digital Demographics, Inc. " is a quality site that offers a valuable referral service to business owners and direct marketers. We're proud to showcase it in our Top 10."

Not to be confused with other 800 directories that list 800 number users, only lists companies that sell 800 numbers and service.

Moreover, unlike telco directories that cover all product categories and speak only to the industry, is all about -- and only about -- toll free numbers and related services, pointedly addressing the needs of end user customers with detailed, informative listings.

Offering listings of long distance, local and IP telephony companies, enhanced service providers and vanity number specialists, directs readers to the industry leaders in toll free: MCIWorldcom and AT&T; GTE Business Toll Free; Wholesale Carrier Services and ATG Technologies; Response Marketing and Dial 800, just to name a few.

About, The Toll Free Service Provider Directory, is owned by ICB Inc., publisher of ICB Toll Free News (http://ICBTollFree.Com). The sites serve approximately 65,000+ visitors logging in over 90,000 user sessions each month. ICB is the industry's leader in toll free and dot com intelligence (, advising business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993.

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