Direct NewsLine

March 12, 1999

ICB Launches Directory of Toll-Free Providers

By Thom Weidlich

New York telemarketing consultancy ICB Inc. has launched an Internet-based directory of toll-free service providers. Branded (, the site lists long-distance carriers, aggregators and resellers, agents, enhanced service providers and shared-use companies.

ICB president Judith Oppenheimer said she developed the page because she was getting so many hits from people searching for toll-free providers at her password-protected, paid news service, ICB Toll Free News ( The service directory is free to users. The listed providers get qualified leads.

Right now the site has 23 companies listed but the potential is greater because there are over 200 RespOrgs, or Responsible Organizations, the companies that act as managers of toll-free numbers for marketers, in addition to long-distance carriers, call centers and other types of companies that deal in toll free.

"We're asking them to provide real information instead of advertising copy," Oppenheimer says. "Although we're not charging the end users, we'd like to provide them useful information," such as what services the providers specialize in.

Oppenheimer added that while there are directories for within the industry, she believes this is the first aimed at end users.

Companies currently listed include AT&T, Cable & Wireless USA, GTE Business Toll Free Services, Atlas Communications Ltd., VoCall Communications Corp. and The 800 Marketing Group.