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New York, NY, May 15, 2000 (DLD Digest) - Network Solutions (NSI), the world's leading provider of Internet registration services, announced last week that it has entered the 1-800 domain-name market. It will secure toll-free or ''1-800'' numbers as domain names for businesses to help businesses protect their identity and maximize brand awareness. Network Solutions also plans to work with strategic telecommunications companies to offer its 1-800 dot-com service to businesses at the point of purchase of their 800 number.

NSI's sudden entry into the 1-800 market serves as validation of the 1-800 vanity industry and its brand relationship with domain names.

There is no one better qualified to offer commentary on this exciting development in 1-800 numbers, domain names and brands than Judith Oppenheimer, president of ICB Toll Free Consultancy and publisher of ICB Toll Free News. ICB is the premier source of toll-free 800 and domain-name industry intelligence.

''ICB is a superb real-time source for staying on top of the growing cross-linkages between toll-free service and the Internet,'' said Jim Hawkins, former president of BellSouth Public Communication.

ICB's readership includes Network Solutions' now-competitor GreatDomains.com, whose CEO Jeffrey Tinsley says ICB delivers ''great behind-the-scenes information.'' It's no wonder that savvy Network Solutions staffers are subscribed to ICB too.

ICB is the only news service with specific focus on the politics, regulations, marketing, industry and legal issues of the 800 industry and the domai- name industry individually, and the relationships between the two.

ICB Toll Free News offers a free daily email HeadsUp Headlines service that includes Web site access to its Reference Library and News Briefs, as well as a Premium Access Service to its Law Library, Industry Insights Commentary, Regulatory Reading Room and Behind the Scenes inner workings of the industries.

Oppenheimer is available immediately to offer expert insight into the burgeoning 1-800 number and domain-name arena, and what NSI's entry into it portends for the domain-name and 800 industries.

ICB Toll Free News (www.ICBTollFree.com), recognized premier source of 800 and dot-com industry news, is owned by ICB Inc., a New York City-based consulting practice (www.1800theExpert.com) that was founded in 1993. ICB Consulting is the industry leader in toll-free and domain-name intelligence, advising business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993. ICB Toll Free News has been published since 1995 is updated daily, and houses an invaluable archive of toll-free and domain-name news and information.

Judith Oppenheimer, president
ICB Inc.
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Source: ICB Inc.

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