ICB Toll Free (800/888) News by: Judith Oppenheimer, President, ICB Toll Free (800/888) News
Wednesday February 19 1997 at 07:56:53 PM EST


Is Your Global 800 Number Still Available?

One innovative telecom company, along with the International Telecommunications Union, is now providing unprecedented information access to the public.

New York, N.Y. US - When was the last time you got a straight answer out of your telecom carrier? Most information dribbles in - too little, too late - and is more often self-serving, than accurate. So itıs refreshing to find one carrier providing relevant and timely information access - at no charge - to the public as well as its own customers. USA Global Link has put up a query search form into the International Telecommunications Unionıs database for Global 800 (Universal International Freephone Service) numbers.

The database helps you find out if your preferred Global 800 number is still available, has already been reserved, or is in conflict (where more than one company wants it.)

This is tremendously useful information, because most companies want to protect their domestic toll-free numbers, and/or have the option reach broader markets, now or later.

The ITU charges a fee per number application. This service helps you avoid the unnecessary cost and inconvenience of applying for numbers that may be already taken.

You want marketing information. If youıve already applied for Global 800 numbers, you can search for the status of your numbers. And strategically, you can see what your competitors may be up to.

Bottom line, timing is everything. Once a number is gone - it's gone. The longer you wait, the fewer your options. This database helps you make Global 800 decisions, and act on them, today. To access the database, link to ICB Toll Free News. Scroll to the article dated February 19, 1997: "Search for Your Global 800 Number." It will take you right to the USA Global Link search site.

Author/Correspondent's Profile: Judith Oppenheimer, Publisher, ICB Toll Free (800/888) News