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New York, NY, Feb. 7, 2000 (DLD Digest) - Only one news source specializes in 800-number and domain-names news. ''ICB Toll-Free News'' has covered 800 and dot-com politics, power plays, trends and impacts, delivering competitive intelligence to a business readership of corporate and industry giants, as well as small-business owners and entrepreneurs, since 1995.

ICB’s new HeadsUp Headlines is a free email service that includes news summaries plus modified text and site access. At eight to 10 headlines daily, a quick glance flags important 800 and dot-com developments for busy execs.

Indepth coverage of dot-com and 800 news is key for ICB Premium Service readers. “Success today is measured in Internet time, so it's imperative for businesses to move quickly and decisively on multiple fronts,” says Emil G. Michael, director of business development, Tellme Networks Inc. “For instance, telecommunications regulations govern customer-access channels, which ultimately impact our ability to build a strong, recognizable brand.”

“ICB keeps us up on the changing marketplace," he says, "providing intelligence we consider a critical driver of our business.”

Jim Hawkins, senior executive of BellSouth Public Communications, agrees. "ICB is a superb real-time source for staying on top of the growing cross-linkages between toll-free service and the Internet.”

"ICB delivers great bang for the buck," says Glen Davidson, president of ATG Technologies. "I visit the site almost every day."

Richard Sapio, CEO of MUTUALS.COM, agrees. "We've invested a lot of money in our brand," he says. "ICB is our eyes and ears."

Register for ''ICB Toll-Free News'' at icbtollfree.com. Registration is free and includes daily HeadsUp Headlines. Registered members can upgrade to Premium Service at any time.

In 1993, 800 numbers became ''portable,'' granting number holders control over their 800 numbers. The brand and monetary impact was immediate. From 800 COLLECT to 800 FLOWERS, commercial and political gamesmanship from the highest levels sprung up everywhere amidst the rising values and awesome returns of 800 vanity numbers.

Domain names now join 800 numbers in this arena -- witness the recent sale of loans.com for $3 million dollars.

''ICB Toll-Free News'' (http://icbtollfree.com), premier source of 800 and dot-com industry news, is owned by ICB Inc., a consulting practice founded in 1993 and the publisher of the ''WhoSells800.com Toll-Free Service Provider Directory'' (whosells800.com). The sites serve approximately 65,000+ visitors logging in over 90,000 user sessions each month. ICB is an industry leader in toll-free and domain-name intelligence, advising business owners, corporate marketers and the telecom industries since 1993.

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