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MAY 2, 1997, M2 Communications - Did you know you could be jailed for having multiple 800 numbers? Did you know that only 30% of U.S. consumers have ever dialed an 888 number? Or that the flat-rate 800 ISP you're about to hand over your credit card to, may be under FBI investigation? 

While many people may just not give toll-free telephone numbers a second thought, ICB does. Informing corporate marketers, telecom professionals, businessowners and astute consumers, ICB Toll Free News ( delivers a digestible mix of regulatory and telco industry reporting, 800/888/global800 marketing news, analysis, and advice. 

Thorough and candid, ICB's content - news, analysis, and a growing article and links collection from related telecom, marketing and legal sites - is updated weekly. The insider commentary, and how-to -- and when-to -- advice, is priceless. 

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Finally, ICB readers can ASK THE EXPERT, via email, about toll-free problems, projects and concerns, and receive free confidential advice from ICB publisher Judith Oppenheimer. 

A leading toll free industry expert who tracks the national and international technical developments of toll-free, Ms. Oppenheimer has served on the TeleServices Industry Association's Legislative Action Committee, and been featured or quoted in Investor's Business Daily, DIRECT, Catalog Age, Cowles Business Publications' Direct NewsLine, DM News, CommunicationsWeek, Telecommunications International, Telemedia News & Views, The Audiofax, Call Center Magazine, Ad Age, AIN News, the Infomercial Marketing Report, InfoText, and Book Marketing Digest; is a frequent contributor to numerous Internet digests, and a contributing correspondent to NewsWeb. 

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