Unknown Quantity


Computing and IT Expert Lynn Named CEO of ICANN

ICANN’s board Jan. 23 named computing and information technology expert Stuart Lynn as its pres.-CEO, the Internet body announced. Lynn, who holds a PhD in mathematics from the U. of Cal.-L.A., retired in 1999 as Assoc. Vp-Information Resources & Communications for the U. of Cal. Office of the President, ICANN said. He has worked for several universities, including Cornell and Rice, as well as in the corporate sector. Lynn has been active in profes-sional groups such as the Assn. for Computing Machinery, the Internet body said.

Lynn is an unknown quantity to some ICANN-watchers. An online search turned up little more on the incoming ICANN chief than references in academic papers on “abstract technical matters,” said Judith Oppenheimer, pres. of ICB Consulting and an ICANN critic. “My sense” is that the board hired an academic to fill current CEO Michael Roberts’s seat because he wouldn’t make waves, Oppenheimer said. However, she added: “I’d be pleasantly surprised if that turns out not to be the case.”

Lynn isn’t known at the Center for Democracy & Technology either, Policy Analyst Rob Courtney said: “Only time will tell.” Although VeriSign said it wasn’t familiar with the new ICANN CEO, he brings a good deal of academic and technical experience to the table, a company spokesman told us. VeriSign has been pleased with Roberts’s perfor-mance, and Lynn looks to be good for the company as well, he said. Lynn and Roberts have scheduled a news conference today (Jan. 24) to discuss the selection, ICANN said.

Dugie Standeford