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New Toll Free Numbers: Will Vanity Affect This Weekend's 866 Roll-Out?

 On The Eve Of New Toll Free Code 866, A Stay Is Sought Pending Resolution Of
                             Vanity Number Issues

    NEW YORK, July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 29 at 12 p.m., the floodgates to
new toll free code 866 will open. If recent history is any indication,
"replications" of existing vanity numbers and competition for others, will
leave the database premium-number exhausted within half an hour or so of code
    A group called The Toll Free Commerce Coalition says the FCC's first come,
first serve assignment system for new toll free numbers would deprive small
businesses of significant investment and undercut brand recognition associated
with their use of vanity numbers in the 800 and 888 toll free code
    The Petition, " ...  does not seek to delay or stop the release of 90 to
95 percent of the 866 numbers. All the Coalition asks is that the FCC hold
back on the release of the 866 toll free code vanity numbers until it, or the
United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia, has been able to
consider the 877 experience and the properly presented challenges to the
Commission's change in policy from the 888 release. Release of these numbers
without a final ruling will cause irreparable harm to the Coalition and its
members. Moreover, once this distribution is undertaken, it will be virtually
impossible for the agency to redo the release and reassign numbers from the
new stakeholders to the existing investors in vanity numbers."
    Whether 866 rolls out as planned this coming Saturday or the Coalition
succeeds in its Petition for Stay, ICB will follow this breaking story and
report on its impact on current and future users of toll free numbers, and the
regulatory, brand and trademark implications.
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