You're the dot tenant for chrissake longer the owner of your domain name, but its user... it's like your property is confiscated by mob rule... and you're not hung by the tallest tree in your garden, but tolerated as a tenant! (thank you, mob). This is bad news, coming via TBTF Keith Dawson's blog (thank you, >+ peterme). >+ TBTF is this great source for (at least to me) hard to get by information, on techno-political issues and much more. Great mix. Well organized site, search it by topic, etc. Some links errorize, on the newly installed 'Log', which will be overcome I'm sure. It published on >+ non-US domain name havens. Amazing to see the dots, not even stains, on the world map, gaining attention and capital on their top levels! Justice after all. A propos greed dot com, TBTF linked to >+ ICBTollfree/Judith Oppenheimer for >+ commentary.