For most ICB clients confidentiality rules, providing no opportunity to publicize our track record or success stories, so it is with some delight that we share with you the following:

"When one of the largest long distance providers threatened to shut down our operations, ICB charged in and saved the day. Their knowledge of the industry and the powers behind the scenes gave us the tools needed to completely turn the tides. The impact to our bottom-line can't be measured, since we might not have been here to measure it if it wasn't for ICB."
Matthew O'Hayer, Chairman and CEO, Grand Adventures Tour & Travel

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bad bad bad Just the Facts

The purpose of this page is to post true stories about how SprintŪ mistreats its customers and employees. If you have a story you'd like to share, send a complaint. Be sure to include your name, address, email, and telephone number so we can contact you. This information will not be published, but will be used to confirm the story souce before the story is posted.

We want to be truthful but we will endeavor to treat SprintŪ with the same level of disregard and inconsideration that it has shown to thousands of customers and employees.

So whether you are disgruntled employee or ex-employee, a customer who has been slammed, crammed, mischarged, spoken to rudely, ignored, or have received plain old bad service, you can tell your story and we'll put it here.

bad to the bone My Story - In March, 1998, I ported my 800 number, into Sprint. Within days, I found it had been fraudulently transferred out of my account, into someone else's account. I did not authorize the transfer of this 800 number out of my account.

For the next FIVE months, I attempted to have the number returned to me. I was shuffled from person to person, promised action and received none. One representative (John Coelho) even asked why I should have the number when a large corporation wanted it. As if I, were somehow doing a bad thing. Whenever I found an earnest, helpful Sprint employee, they became unavailable for my follow-up calls.

Finally, I was assigned a representative from the Executive Group named Donna Territ. Ms. Territ made one and only one attempt to contact me. She left a message on my answering machine saying that she had been assigned to assist me and was looking into what was bing done about my 800 number. Though over the next several weeks, I called no less than ten times, Ms. Territ NEVER returned a call or acknowledged me in any way. She did not even bother to respond to my Certified mail. A stellar example of my experience with Sprint's Customer Service.

As an individual, there is no way I could go up against Sprint's bottomless pit of legal resource. So, I hired a consultant.

Judith Oppenheimer of ICB Toll Free, agree to attempt to retrieve the number for me. Because of Ms. Oppenheimer's knowledge, industry connections, and expert skills, my number was eventually returned. I immediately changed long distance carriers. I cannot recommend Ms. Oppenheimer and ICB highly enough.

I have control of my 800 number once again, but I am out the cost of the consultant. For me, this was a large sum of money. So I asked Sprint to reimburse me. After all, they illegally assigned my number to someone else then refused to so much as talk with me about it. What were my choices?

As a Corporation, Sprint is not accountable, no one person has to be responsible for such behavior. But I, as an individual must bear the consequences of their actions including the financial consequences. This is not ethical.

I appealed to Edward Perez, Executive Assistant, for reimbursement on that basis. He refused my request and sent a copy of some obscure legal ruling about "mistakes." This was no mistake. This was a purposeful violation of FCC rules and state and federal law.

Shame on them!