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"I find ICB Toll Free a definitive source for the myriad of industry detail I need to know when I need to know it."
Bill Stern, Director Corporate Communications, NeuStar, Inc.

"In doing my homework on a number of internet/telephony issues, I have to admit it, you are right about much. Good eye!"
Mark Harris, International Internet Telephone Organization (IITO)

"Keep up the good work. Your articles have been most informative."
Robert Cannon, Senior Counsel for Internet Issues, FCC Office of Plans and Policy

"Your service is valuable and unique."
A.M. (Tony) Rutkowski, Vice President for Internet Strategy, VeriSign, Inc.

"Great job on your coverage....keep up the great work!"
David Peek, Director of Technology Strategy, NetNumber, & President of ITAB

"We have researched other companies, and feel you offer solid information... I enjoy the free information you provide as well."
Jon Peterson, The Domain Exchange

"You do a great job!"
Sandra Murray, President, Response Marketing Group

"I love your newsletter!"
Karen Mulberry, Sr. Mgr Technical Standards, WorldCom

"... an excellent source ... amazingly rich in information and resources."
Leah Gallegos, Director, TLDLobby.com

"(ICB Publisher) Judith Oppenheimer is the Paul Revere of online identity's "constitutional moment."
Chris Maroney, Co-CEO, Afternic.com

"Great behind-the-scenes information ..."
Jeffrey Tinsley, CEO, GreatDomains.com

"With the convergence of communications occurring so rapidly, ICB helps me to run on 'Internet Time'."
Custis F. Dunn, Executive Director, Telecom Institute

"ICB keeps us up on the changing marketplace providing intelligence we consider a critical driver of our business.
Emil G. Michael, Director of Business Development, Tellme Networks, Inc

"ICB is our eyes and ears."
Richard Sapio, CEO, MUTUALS.COM

"... invaluable ... excellent service."
Jill Wade, Director - Strategic Marketing, SBC Operations

"...critical source of information on the ever-changing 800/888 toll-free industry."
C. Barton, President, Wholesale Carrier Services.

"ICB sorts through an unbelievable pile of telecom information and events and tell me what I need to know in an easily understandable fashion."
Phil White, Operations Support, Trimark Investment Management Inc. (Mutual Funds)


ENUM Survival Strategies

There is policy developing, nationally and globally, which threatens your 800, 900 and other revenue- producing numbers: ENUM. ENUM is the folding of E.164 numbers into the Domain Name System.

As numbers get folded into the Internet, hard-won FCC policy mechanisms that protect and promote your numbering interests give way to inhospitable Internet policies. For example, the threat of intellectual property encroachment on numbering is very real.

ICB helps you develop necessary strategic direction to ensure that your company is prepared for industry policy changes.

Contact us by email for more information on becoming an ENUM Survival Strategies client. Please include your name, title, company name and web site address; also your telephone number where, and best time when you can be reached, and a brief profile of your company.


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